What we do?

SMS is the platform built to help you get better at recruiting. More than just an applicant tracking system.It helps you find the best talent, conduct focused interviews, and gather relevant feedback quickly to make the right hiring decisions and faster.

  • Our simple goal is to make hiring easy. To help businesses get the talent they need to succeed. And to help people find the job they need.
  • Recruiting is a fragmented, opaque process undermined by outdated technology that turns off candidates and hiring managers.
  • Now imagine a world where it is easy to find great candidates, it is easy for people to show interest in jobs, it is easy for hiring teams to collaborate, and your recruiting vendors are just a click away.
  • We imagined it. And then we delivered it.
  • Make Candidates and Recruiters smile.
  • Our Mission is to make the job application process 100% hassle-free for candidates, and in turn help businesses of any size to attract and hire the best candidates.
  • To realize this mission, we relentlessly build and improve a best-of-breed platform to streamline recruiting for your entire company.
  • Make things happen. Finish, deliver, implement!
  • Draw it, sell it, make it.
  • Iterate! Start now Learn in process.
  • Businesses run a fully brand-able career site and online application process.
  • Account Manager create job postings.
  • Recruiters can easily advertise their job offerings to candidates.
  • Recruiters can easily track applications and discuss them with Clients to make sure candidates get fast and qualified feedback.
  • Create a (customizable) set of steps according to your recruitment process and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel.